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COVID offers chance for patient-centered healthcare change, new book argues. A solutions-based, scientific, and data-driven approach to the concept of ‘healthcare for all’ is explored in a new book that looks at the future of healthcare beyond the coronavirus global health crisis.A solutions-based, scientific and data-driven approach to the concept of ‘healthcare for all’ is explored in a new book that looks at the future of healthcare beyond the coronavirus global health crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic has illustrated in stark terms how ill-prepared existing public policy and healthcare systems were to deal with the challenges of providing quality and affordable patient services. In their new book, Beyond the COVID-19 pandemic: Envisioning a better world by transforming the future of healthcare, authors Ambassador Pradeep K Kapur and Dr Joseph M Chalil present SafetyNet, a ‘healthcare for all’ policy that challenges the world to enable political consensus to create meaningful change for all – both in the United States and worldwide. The book asks the questions: what if it’s not reform we need, but instead a revolution? And what if we re-imagined a healthcare system with patients, not big pharma and insurance companies, in the driver’s seat? Their “grand plan” acknowledges that advances in and the adoption of new technology will revolutionise the field of healthcare, and they offer critical strategies that countries can adopt during natural disasters, wars, or pandemics. The emerging world order, as envisioned by the authors, addresses healthcare needs, education, and sustainable lifestyle choices, reducing the need for more intensive and costly interventions to improve overall quality of life. They go on to suggest a roadmap that goes beyond just reform. Ambassador Pradeep K Kapur has enjoyed a distinguished career working with leaders and policy makers around the world. He was Ambassador of India to Chile and to Cambodia, as well as Secretary at the Indian Ministry of External Affairs. His healthcare contributions include setting up the bilateral India Nepal initiative, the BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences. A graduate of Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IIT-D), he is executive director of the Smart Village Development Fund (SVDF) of the Wheels Global Foundation. His co-author, Dr Joseph M Chalil, is chair of the Complex Health Systems Advisory Board, H Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship at Nova Southeastern University in Florida, and a member of the Dr Kiran C Patel College of Allopathic Medicine’s Executive Leadership Council. A veteran of the US Navy Medical Corps, he is board certified in healthcare management and was awarded a fellowship by the American College of Healthcare Executives. Considered an expert in US healthcare policy, he is a strong advocate for patient-centred care. Paying tribute to their work, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the revered spiritual and humanitarian leader, says: “This book makes a comprehensive study of all aspects that have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic while proposing practical ways to deal with those challenges. I congratulate the authors Ambassador Pradeep Kapur and Dr Joseph Chalil on offering such penetrating insight towards the current situation and also providing clarity on the way forward.”

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Time to radically revamp the American health care system in light of the flawed response to the Covid-19 pandemic and many other dysfunctions, argues this sweeping manifesto. Kapur, a public policy professor at the University of Maryland College Park, and debut author Chalil, a physician and chairman of the Indo American Press Club, start by noting medical difficulties faced by the United States during the Covid-19 pandemic. These include shortages of masks, personal protective equipment, and ventilators; mass layoffs that caused people to lose their insurance; and bankruptcies among some hospitals that suspended elective procedures to make way for virus cases. They continue with a wide-ranging critique of American medicine, spotlighting its higher costs and poorer health outcomes compared to other developed countries; the lack of accessibility of needy and uninsured patients; shortages of hospitals, doctors, and nurses; and the pressure on providers to improve profits by cutting corners and to defend against malpractice suits with unnecessary tests. To remedy these problems, the authors propose a “Grand Plan To Restructure Healthcare in the U.S.” with a mix of public provisions and market-based competition. They envision a “SafetyNet” of public county hospitals providing basic care to all regardless of insurance or ability to pay. A second system of private hospitals, providers, and insurance, funded by “Enhanced Health Savings Accounts,” would run in parallel and compete in price and quality in a national and global market, with medical services advertised like groceries, complete with coupons. Other plan features include a unitary electronic medical record, caps on malpractice damages, a Comprehensive Consumer Healthcare Score that awards points for healthy lifestyles that could lower insurance rates, initiatives to train more health care professionals, a National Strategic Healthcare Reserve of emergency supplies, and new technologies, from online diagnosis to medical robots. Kapur and Chalil present their case for far-reaching reforms of American health care in lucid prose that has an incisive bite. (“Calling it a healthcare system is a misnomer. It is a disease-care system, one that focuses on diagnosing and treating symptoms instead of taking on the job of educating individuals and families to take a proactive approach to their health.”) But the book suffers from a meandering, repetitive structure and an occasional lack of focus and rigor; it pursues tangents that some readers may consider dubious, like a brief for traditional Indian ayurvedic healing as an adjunct to Western medicine; and it sometimes gets facts wrong. (The 1918 Spanish flu did not kill “a third of the world’s population”—mortality was between 1% and 6%—and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson did not “support a herd immunity theory until he was hospitalized with the COVID-19 virus”; he imposed a national lockdown to prevent contagion on March 20, 2020, seven days before he tested positive.) The authors’ plan is something of a hodgepodge, with myriad moving parts to achieve many disparate goals, and it’s hazy on some important points, like the costs and funding mechanisms of the public SafetyNet hospitals. Still, Kapur and Chalil manage to steer clear of the dogmas of the right and left to offer a thoughtful, cogent analysis of the manifold problems in the U.S. health care establishment and a wealth of concrete proposals for dealing with them. A detailed and innovative blueprint for fixing what ails American medicine

Amitabh Kant, IAS
CEO of National Institution for Transforming India (NITI Aayog). A policy think tank of the Government of India, chaired by the Prime Minister of India.

“The book encapsulates the policy and technology realms lucidly. It presents a unique yet simple model that can be tailored to suit countries worldwide and better equip us all to deal with such pandemics in the future. A body of work that presents a ray of hope for the future, this book is a must read for healthcare professionals, policymakers, technopreneurs, leaders, administrators, and citizens alike.”

Raymond Aaron
New York Times Best Selling Author

“Some books inspire you to think differently, but this book does more than just inspire. It offers a clear path to build a new future for healthcare. The lessons within are powerful and meant to change the direction of healthcare in this country and around the world. I invite you to explore, dream big, and get inspired by Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic: Envisioning a Better World by Transforming the Future of Healthcare.”

Peter H. Diamandis, MD
Named by Fortune as one of the “World’s 50 Greatest Leaders,” founder and executive chairman of the XPRIZE Foundation, which leads the world in designing and operating large-scale incentive competitions. Executive Founder, Singularity University, Silicon Valley, an institution that counsels world’s leaders on exponential technologies.

“Ambassador Kapur and Dr. Chalil understand that providing affordable, high-quality healthcare is a global challenge. Their Grand Plan stretches beyond the borders of the U.S. and includes countries where the United Nations and the WHO have struggled to achieve their healthcare-related missions. The authors offer strategies that countries can use to better navigate COVID-19, as well as future pandemics and other natural disasters. One of the greatest lessons from the pandemic is that we need bold visions for a better healthcare future. Ambassador Kapur and Dr. Chalil’s Grand Plan offers us a roadmap. It’s worth your time to consider their ideas and proposals.”

Ambassador Charles Ray
Author, former U.S. Ambassador to the Kingdom of Cambodia and the Republic of Zimbabwe, first U.S. Consul General to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

“In Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic, Envisioning a Better World by Transforming the Future of Healthcare, Ambassador Pradeep Kapur and Dr. Joseph Chalil, leaders in their respective fields, not only offer a comprehensive history of this pandemic, but a concrete roadmap to prevent a future catastrophe of this nature. The authors have provided a comprehensive plan that would ensure that healthcare, not just in pandemics, but in general, would be available to all citizens irrespective of zip code, economic status, gender, race, or ethnicity. This book should be read carefully and by every politician in every country around the globe. The solutions they offer aren’t ‘silver bullets,’ and they won’t be easy to implement. Most of all, they will take political will and a commitment to leadership.

Sudhakar Jonnalagadda, MD
President, American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI)

“The timely release of the book, Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic: Envisioning a Better World by Transforming the Future of Healthcare, by Ambassador Pradeep Kapur and Dr. Joseph Chalil, fills a huge vacuum. The American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) is proud of Dr. Chalil, an active member of AAPI, who has joined with Ambassador Kapur to analyze the current situation and provide meaningful solutions for healthcare that are effective, affordable, and available to all. We encourage you to contemplate the stimulating thoughts of Ambassador Pradeep Kapur and Dr. Joseph Chalil.”

Dr. Jayanti S Ravi, IAS
Principal Secretary Health and Family Welfare, Government of Gujarat, India

“The COVID-19 Pandemic has been a global shock as well as a global lesson, especially for health systems. This book will be an excellent resource for health system managers, the workforce, and general readers to understand the rapid learning, reinforcement, and adaptation that health systems around the world went through.”

Andrew Rosman, Ph.D.
Dean, H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship Nova Southeastern University

“The health care system was broken before COVID-19. Kapur and Chalil offer solutions that stimulate an important conversation on where to go next with a different health care system that can withstand anything from manmade to natural disasters. These conversations must start now, and this book is a good down payment on a conversation that is long overdue but essential to dealing with everyday health care issues to once in a lifetime shocks such as pandemics.”

Dr. Ram Raju
Former C.E.O. of Cook County Health and Hospital System and Former President & C.E.O. of New York City Health and Hospital Corporation

“The authors have exhibited a unique and innovative way to make the leap from A.C.A., an insurance reform to a health care reform. With the backdrop of the COVID crisis, the lessons learned, and solutions offered in this book are a must-read for all healthcare workers and leaders.”

John F. Register, C.S.P.
Keynote Speaker, Change Agent, and Facilitator of the Brilliance in the Room

“If you have ever dealt with a large hospital bill or struggled to find a doctor in your insurance network, then Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic: Envisioning a Better World by Transforming the Future of Healthcare is a must-read! The authors, Pradeep Kapur and Joseph Chalil, take on the current healthcare system, focusing on where it is broken and then outlining a path forward to address high costs for all. No matter whether you have health insurance or are one of the millions of uninsured, their Grand Plan offers revolutionary ideas to address costs and access. It is an amazing read!”


I recommend that this illuminating book "Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic: Envisioning a Better World by Transforming the Future of Healthcare" by Dr. Chalil and my dear friend Ambassador Pradeep Kapur be read globally with great attention. It's a well-researched book that will go a long way in transforming the future of Healthcare post-COVID-19. My sincere good wishes to the authors.

President & Chairman Tata Consultancy Services Latin America

“A thought-provoking document that brings a fresh and unique perspective to the future of healthcare. By envisioning their Grand Plan, they go well beyond just fixing the healthcare system in the US but showing a path forward for the world. Disrupting technologies as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning among others will change healthcare forever. A must read to understand the challenges we face today”

Dr. Juan Antonio Rock
Director, Laureate Center for Youth Studies at Universidad Andrés Bello, Chile, and former President, Universidad de Talca, Chile

“This book is an outstanding revolutionary contribution to improve access, affordability, and quality to the countries’ healthcare system, taking account of the great experience learned from the COVID-19. This deep reflection and its conclusions are valuable as well for a new and better lifestyle that effectively improves the well-being of the whole humankind. The authors propose important innovations either to the healthcare system in the United States and other countries in the world, where the United Nations and the WHO are currently falling short.”

“Padma Shri” Sachchidanand Sahai
Former National Professor of India in epigraphy, author, and advisor to the Government of Cambodia and UNESCO for the restoration of Angkor Wat and the Temple of Preah Vihear, known for his knowledge of Khmer civilization.

“Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic: Envisioning a Better World by Transforming the future of Healthcare is an avant-garde publication that explores the unknown and unseen on our planet. Though pandemics are an integral part of history, such is the scale of COVID-19 that the entire world has been taken unawares. The COVID-19 pandemic shows that in a closely interrelated world, the blue-print of health care has to be prepared on an unprecedented scale. This publication is truly an indispensable guide for all future health programmers.”

Bestselling Author of Embrace the Chaos

“Figuring out how to move forward in a post-pandemic world is critical for preserving health and prosperity. This book helps us understand how we might strengthen our healthcare system so that we save lives and our world.”

Secretary-General, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), New Delhi

“COVID-19, in many ways, has been both a catalyst and propellant for the expansive healthcare delivery model change that was awaited these many years. Challenges – financial, operational, and safety that has affected the system for years have been brought to the forefront. Along with the challenges, it is expected that the current scenario will open up a plethora of opportunities giving way to a transformed healthcare delivery system. Ambassador Kapur and Dr. Chalil, with their relative expertise, have laid out suggestions to the way forward.”

Dr. Issac Mathai
Founder & Medical Director SOUKYA International Holistic Health Centre, Bangalore, India

“The authors have done commendable work in bringing together different methodologies for healthcare from around the world. The book has deep insights into Western Medicine being in Harmony with Eastern Medicine in India. COVID has opened our eyes to the importance of a good immune system with healthy lifestyle practices.”

François Sainfort, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair, Department of Management and Complex Health Systems H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship Nova Southeastern University

“While the United States spends more than any other country on healthcare, it is definitely not obtaining better health outcomes. In their groundbreaking book, Ambassador Kapur and Dr. Chalil present a thoughtful analysis of the root causes and propose a number of essential solutions to change healthcare delivery in the United States and beyond. This book is a must read.”

Dr. N. N. Mehrotra, Ph.D.
Former Scientist & Deputy Director, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI), Lucknow

“It was a pleasure reading the book. It helped me to get insights into the global scenario of COVID-19 and a broad understanding of its implications due to its holistic presentation and well-researched facts and perspective. The book reflects Dr. Chalil’s experience in American health care policy and the vast experience of Ambassador Kapur in foreign service in several countries, besides a deep understanding of the policy imperatives for India. The book has a fairly holistic analysis of the most contemporary issue affecting humanity. My best wishes for its wide readership.”

Prof. Prem Vrat, PhD
Chairman; Board of Governors, I.I.T. (I.S.M.), Dhanbad; India; Founder Director; I.I.T. Roorkee, India; Honorary Professor; I.I.T. Delhi, India; Distinguished Alumnus, I.I.T. Kharagpur, India; Pro- Chancellor; Professor of Eminence and Chief Mentor; The NorthCap University, Gurugram, India

“Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic: Envisioning a Better World by Transforming the Future of Healthcare is an exciting read because it analyzes our healthcare system under the lens of a global pandemic. While there is a focus on what does not work, Pradeep Kapur and Joseph Chalil spend even more time highlighting what is possible right now. It is an interesting proposal, and I am confident that these ideas will generate discussions across the globe and will have a wide readership. My compliments to the authors for their innovative ideas in this book”.

Suresh V. Shenoy
President, WHEELS Global Foundation (IIT Alumni initiative). Past Chairman of the Emerging Technologies Advisory Group (EMTAG) at the Association of Information and Image Management (AIIM).

“Ambassador Pradeep Kapur and Dr. Joseph Chalil have pooled their collective experience and vast knowledge of global issues to propose thought-provoking ideas and options for what this ‘new normal’ will look like. This is a ‘must-read’ book for students, industry leaders, and policymakers who grapple with thes fast-changing dynamics in a digital world where services are expected to be delivered with robots, drones, Artificial Intelligence, and cyber-highways. The perspectives in this book for bridging the deep chasms in society are golden!”

H.E. U Aung Lynn
Ambassador of the Union of Myanmar to the United States

“I appreciate you and congratulate you and Dr. Chalil for your effort in co-authoring the upcoming book Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic: Envisioning a Better World by Transforming the Future of Healthcare. I find that your joint efforts in writing and launching the book are timely and relevant as the entire world is fighting the scourge of the COVID-19 pandemic. I wish you a successful launching of the book and further achievements in the noble work that you and Dr. Chalil are working together.”

Bikas C Sanyal, Ph.D., D.Sc. (Honoris Causa)
Elected Fellow of Royal Statistical Society, Former UNESCO Educational Adviser, worked in 77 countries, decorated by the French President with the highest civilian award Légion d’Honneur. Awarded “Pravasi Bharatiya Samman” Gold Medal by the President of India.

“The book authored by Ambassador Kapur and Dr. Joseph Chalil comes out at a very appropriate time to transform the “Future of Healthcare.” Although focused on the United States, the findings are applicable all over the world, useful for the World Health Organization and the United Nations system. This is the first book of such exhaustive nature, which has come to my attention on a subject so relevant for us today. I am sure the book, Beyond Covid-19 Pandemic: Envisioning a Better World by Transforming the Future of Healthcare will meet with success. I congratulate the authors for their endeavor.”

Dr. Irma Becerra, Ph.D.
President of Marymount University.

“This work from Ambassador Kapur and Dr. Chalil is a valuable contribution to our overall knowledge of domestic and global health care structures and policies. They do an excellent job of not only laying out the challenges that face us but also presenting solutions that will chart a way forward for the world. Whether or not you work in the healthcare industry, Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic is an important and timely addition to your reading list!”

Alok Srivastava
Director of Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy

“Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic: Envisioning a Better World by Transforming the Future of Healthcare, is an exciting and constructive book because it analyzes our healthcare system under the lens of a global pandemic. While there is a focus on what does not work, Pradeep Kapur and Joseph Chalil spend even more time highlighting what is doable right now. It is a revolutionary proposal, one that is worth discussing more. I found the chapter on “Strategic Planning for the Future” very valuable and practical. The authors focus on breaking the chain of employer-based health insurance, where your health insurance is not tied to your employment. I am sure readers across the globe, like me, would find the book very beneficial. Congratulations to the authors on a job well done.”

Raj S. Shah, MD, MBA, FACC, FACP
Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine, Temple and Drexel University Medical School, President & C.E.O., SmartCareDoc

“The author Pradeep Kapur’s first-hand knowledge and global personal experience as ambassador and Dr. Joseph Chalil’s clinical experience with public health knowledge shine up under the proposal of a grand plan to restructure healthcare in the U.S., drawing parallels from the grand plan of highways construction of President Eisenhower and the New Deal of President Franklin D Roosevelt. This book should be an excellent read for Patients, Providers, Politicians, and Policymakers and should serve as a guideline to restructure healthcare.”

Professor Sachin Chaturvedi
Director-General, Research and Information System for Developing Countries (R.I.S.) New Delhi, India

“I compliment the authors for coming out with this important and timely book. The COVID-19 pandemic that has gripped humankind in an unprecedented health crisis, resulting in severe safety and socioeconomic challenges. I do hope the book would serve as a valuable contribution towards evolving a robust and collaborative health care system that would be easily accessible to all for addressing any health emergency.”

Ambassador C. Gururaj Rao
Former Ambassador of India to Lao PDR; Chief Administrator, Jagadguru Kripalu Chikitsalaya, (A Fully Charitable Hospital) Vrindavan, (India)

“Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic: Envisioning a Better World by Transforming the Future of Healthcare not only scrutinizes what failed us, but also offers realistic solutions that incorporate current technology to deliver quality care, equitable access, and increased outreach. With the backdrop of the 2020 pandemic, this book inspires you to explore the future possibilities of a revamped healthcare system and a model for countries around the world. The present volume by Amb Pradeep Kapur and Dr. Joseph Chalil will prove to be an invaluable tool for policymakers, health administrators, and researchers in public health.”

Dr. Susheel Sharma
Board-certified consultant cardiologist, affiliated with the University of Maryland Baltimore Washington Medical Center

“This is a must-read primer for anyone trying to understand the COVID- 19 pandemic’s nuances. The authors have done a commendable job of providing a review of the history of pandemics and their lessons. From across the globe, real-life personal stories interspersed throughout the book have made the text lively and captivating. The book provides a thorough and critical review of how different nations, big and small, rich, and poor spread across the globe handled the pandemic. The in-depth policy reviews are exhaustive. The book also offers practical solutions for managing future similar pandemics. The authors also critically reviewed the current challenges of the prevailing healthcare crisis in the United States of America and provided alternatives to fix the problem.”

Ha Thi Ngoc Ha
Former Ambassador of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to the Republic of Chile, Peru, and Ecuador

“I have appreciated your book on Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic: Envisioning a Better World by Transforming the Future of Healthcare.The health of each country is also the health of the world because each of us is linked. I hope readers from all over the world will welcome your book.”

Ajay Ghosh
Media Coordinator, American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin

“The authors offer a solution, addressing the needs of citizens now and into the future while empowering them to be more responsible for their health. When individuals are not worried about losing their health insurance, they can make changes in their careers to start a business or take on a new job. The authors offer revolutionary solutions to change healthcare delivery in the United States.”

Vikas Khurana MD, M.B.A.
President, Noble Medical Care, PA

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, the proverbial iron triangle for health care delivery got deformed. The trifecta of cost, quality, and access was unable to explain the realities on the ground. The authors have made a significant attempt to provide a fact-based analysis followed by a prescription on how to mend the deformed triangle for a better healthcare system of the future. The authors have provided a fact-based analysis of the various maladies impacting our healthcare system and have provided some grounded solutions based on well researched and extensive sampling of multiple healthcare systems in the world. The prescriptions are bold and will likely be bitter. Regardless of reservations, the time to act is now, and the system is ready for a bitter pill—a must-read book for policymakers and health leaders alike.”

Suhas Ghante
Partner, Silicon Valley Ethos, San Francisco, CA

“In this extraordinarily timely and well-written book, the authors Pradeep Kapur and Joseph Chalil provide innovative approaches to the future of healthcare. Readers are taken through highly engaging vignettes that bring to life the transformations needed in our healthcare system. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in public health policy as well as those in the provider or payer roles in our healthcare system.”

Dr. Chandrajit Banerjee
Director-General, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)

“With COVID-19 having a significant impact on global economies, this book presenting an innovative new idea for healthcare comes at an apt moment, and its thoughts will contribute greatly to the overall public healthcare architecture that all nations must strive for. The authors delve into historical experiences and study diverse healthcare systems to offer an alternative for millions of people, not just in the U.S. but across the world. For the Indian healthcare ecosystem, the insights in this book add to the discussion on this critical issue. CII has been working on different parts of the healthcare system, including the manufacturing of critical care equipment and drugs, hospitals, and skill development. We value the ideas put forth by Ambassador Kapur and Dr. Chalil, which will help us to deepen our policy advocacy. An inspiring book for healthcare policymakers, professionals, and the medical community everywhere!”

Guru Prasad, Silver Spring - M.D., U.S.A.
Retired Practicing Electrical Engineer with 40 plus years’ experience in managing major power and infrastructure projects in India and across the U.S.

“What struck me most was the concluding chapters, namely Empowering the Patient, Envisioning a New Global Order, and Strategic Planning for the Future. The authors have very succinctly laid out plans for the future healthcare system while recognizing that partisan politics and overcoming this issue will play a crucial role in achieving the goal.”

Anna Prasad
President, Indo-American Council

“Dr. Joseph Chalil, a veteran healthcare administrator and Ambassador Pradeep Kapur, a public policy expert, are precisely what was needed to explore how to handle the global unpreparedness of a pandemic as well as restructure our medical care in the United States. A reformed WHO to handle global pandemic is essential. In the United States, National licensing of medical doctors, medical insurance not tied to the workplace, and empowering citizens to be responsible for their health are all steps in the right direction.”

General Deepak Kapoor, PVSM, AVSM, SM, VSM, ADC
23rd Chief of Army Staff of the Indian Army

“While COVID-19 is still wreaking havoc across the globe, the authors have done yeoman service in producing futuristic work which looks at resolving issues caused not only by COVID-19 pandemic but by all such similar disasters occurring globally from time to time. While an advanced country like the U.S. has a large number of options and resources to survive through a pandemic or a disaster, the larger community of nations having huge populations and minuscule resources faces greater risk and tragedies. This is an issue which the authors have squarely chosen to address. It targets seven billion people living across the globe. Therein lies its intrinsic value.”

Navneet S. Chugh
Attorney, C.P.A. Chugh, LLP

“Kudos to Pradeep Kapur and Joseph Chalil for their excellent endeavor in this direction. The book is an eye-opener. The scope is panoramic – from the genesis of COVID-19 to public policies and healthcare challenges in the U.S., moving on to a global perspective. Strategies to handle future pandemics from lessons learned is empowering. The out-of-the-box solutions to tackle the problem of cost and access offered in their Grand Plan, if implemented, will surely make for a better world. The book is mandatory reading, not only for those connected in any capacity with the healthcare industry but for anyone who is struggling to make sense of the turbulent times we are living in and hoping for better days to come!”

Rabiz N. Foda P.Eng. FEC, MIET, SMIEEE, ICD.D
Strategy & Integrated Planning, Quality Assurance, and Continuous Improvement – Hydro One Networks, Toronto, Canada; Chair – IIT Bombay Alumni Association, Canada Chapter Inc. Senior Editor and Executive Manager – PiTech, PANIIT Technology Review Magazine

“This book, Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic, Envisioning a Better World by Transforming the Future of Healthcare, very elegantly examines the elements of the issues, gaps in current systems and proposes a model for future health systems. While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve and ongoing research into its impacts progress, this book provides an extensive basis for researchers and scientists, governments and corporations, academia, and public institutions to discover and transform the health systems for the future. The current problems with the health systems can be interpreted as a multi-billion-dollar opportunity for experts in every enterprise. The proposed solutions are, at best, a forerunner for a lot of work that lies ahead. Health being the most critical asset, value-added asset management, and continuous improvement is what the book aims for and is a “must-read” for everyone.”

Kannan Moudgalya
Erach and Meheroo Mehta Advanced Education Technology Chair and Professor at Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

“Pradeep Kapur and Joseph Chalil have written this very useful book after doing a lot of research about what has happened in the world due to COVID-19 and the previous pandemics. They propose a practical solution to improve the healthcare system, nay the disease-care system, that exists in the U.S. with Eisenhower’s highway network infrastructure as a model. Their solution is futuristic but practical, and useful, but compassionate.”

Som Karamchetty, Ph.D.
Former executive and senior staffer for the U.S. Army Research Laboratory. Faculty at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India, The University of Newcastle, Australia, and Drexel University.

“While the public struggles to free themselves from the clutches of the virus and eagerly yearning to return to their normal life, the authors Pradeep Kapur and Joseph Chalil present an insightful diagnosis of the national healthcare system that has wide holes for future disasters to occur. The authors’ presentation style is easy for the reader to grasp otherwise complicated issues. The narration shows the communication capabilities and technical knowledge of a technologist and eminent diplomat and the deep knowledge and keen insights of an accomplished healthcare professional. They present strategic goals which the political leaders, business managers, doctors, nurses, technologists, and other stakeholders in the healthcare arena can use as a template to build a comprehensive national program complemented by policies and laws that national leaders can bequeath a robust healthcare system for the nation. The authors have presented a book that is likely to become a must read for all stakeholders in the healthcare sector – that includes every family.”

Prem Das Rai
Former Member of Parliament, India and Eisenhower Fellow National Spokesperson for the Sikkim Democratic Front Party

“Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic by Pradeep Kapur and Joseph Chalil is most topical. It is a well-researched narrative on how to handle such inevitable pandemics in the future. There are many lessons for all countries to learn, and the brilliance of putting together the major findings and solutions-driven recommendations, especially from the United States, is remarkable. They have critiqued the health systems locally to global response institutions like the WHO. Public health Institutions the world over need to reinvent themselves. This book makes you believe that a better world is possible. A compelling book – a must read for all political actors.”

Dr. Abhaya Asthana
Fellow at Nokia Bell Labs-CTO directing research in cognitive, self reliable networks of the future networks that continuously learn on their own and heal themselves. Led the design of VLSI processors at INTEL. President of the World Hindu Council of America

“The thought that the amalgamation of science, medicine, and technology will enable each one of us to become “CEO of our own health” is in itself exciting and empowering. That is precisely the vision described in the book, Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic: Envisioning a Better World by Transforming the Future of Healthcare, wherein Ambassador Pradeep Kapur and Dr. Joseph Chalil bring their unique perspectives on global policy and healthcare. Also commendable is the attempt to bring together different methodologies for healthcare from around the world, for example, the deep insights into Western Medicine being in harmony with Eastern Medicine in India. These conversations must urgently commence, and this book is a pathbreaking step in that direction.”

Sajjan Jindal
Chairman, JSW Group, in Infrastructure, Sports, and Cement, with revenues at USD 12 billion. Vice-Chairman of the World Steel Association and past President of Indian Steel Association (ISA), former President of the Institute of Steel Development & Growth (INSDAG).“Economist, author, and former Member, NITI Aayog

“This book by Pradeep and Joseph present strong, decisive measures to ensure that we are better prepared when faced with a healthcare crisis of this magnitude in the future. As the authors point out, technological advances in healthcare will be a huge value addition in patient management, including quicker consultations, data-driven patient care, a better delivery network of drugs, and the deeper reach of national healthcare infrastructure. While this book is a ‘must-read’ for all in the healthcare space, I recommend everyone to pick up this book to understand the potential positive future of healthcare globally!”

Lieutenant General Ravi Dastane, AVSM, VSM
Former Deputy Chief of Integrated Defence Staff, Ministry of Defence, India

“Our experience so far has made it amply clear that a nation’s very progress can be in jeopardy if one is not able to secure the basic health of the population; and therefore, towards achieving this vital mission, the book written by Pradeep Kapur and Joseph Chalil could not have come at a more appropriate time. My compliments to both of them for such a well-researched and insightful book which can be a ‘golden’ guide for all nations of the world to meet the challenges in setting up a comprehensive and effective health care system for their people in the years ahead.”

Vaidya Rajesh Kotecha
Secretary, Government of India, Ministry of AYUSH

“This book will undoubtedly pave the way towards a better understanding of the challenges in the healthcare system and the planning of a future roadmap in healthcare. I wish grand success for the book and hope that the real message shall reach the stakeholders and the world march toward a better and healthier society.”

Singh Sahib Gurubachan Singh Khalsa
Minister of Sikh Dharma, and internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher

“This book is brilliant, timely and most of all thought provoking for creating a new understanding going forward with health care. You both have done a great service in starting a new narrative for post COVID. The interesting thing is there is no post COVID because if it isn’t COVID it will be something else that we will need to cover. This book provides a blueprint to move forward to include everyone fairly, efficiently and comprehensively. Congratulations on taking a bold stand.”

Anil Sachdev
Founder and CEO- Grow Talent Company Limited and Founder SOIL The School of Inspired Leadership

“Ambassador Pradeep Kapur and Dr Chalil must be complimented for their agility in writing this informative book about the most important topic in the minds of every leader in every city and town of our planet. Their insights on the nature of the system wide problems, fresh ideas to simplify existing methods of health care delivery , usage of new technology to leverage AI, removing obstacles including those related to regulatory challenges- are all both timely and much needed. This book will help both experts and Administrators in ‘teaching revolution to the ruling class’ in this crucial area to serve the wellbeing of all”

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